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Perfect Employment™ Products


Perfect Employment™: Envisioning and Creating Your Perfect Job

Perfect Employment™ is a vision that can lead to very real gains in your professional life. The vision, in a nutshell, who you are in relation to what you want to do within the context of the environment you will be doing it. All of the materials within this book return to each of these three fundamental areas. These three items, who you are, what you want to do and the environment you will be doing it have many, many layers of meaning and importance. Perfect Employment was developed after many years of research and direct counsel to individuals seeking to either find or refine their professional image.


Perfect Employment: The Perfect Employment Workbook

Perfect Employment™ Workbook supports the very specific, goal oriented aspects of the Perfect Employment process. There are over a dozen different activities, resources and templates designed to help you refine your professional self. Among the resources in the work book are; template resumes, cover letters, and professional reference check lists as well as social networking must haves.


Perfect Employment™: Envisioning and Creating Your Perfect Job and Perfect Employment™ Workbook

This bound copy provides a more detailed list of resources than the eBook version and includes the Perfect Employment™ Workbook to offer a comprehensive employment resource.

Webinar Membership

$500 Annual Fee

Monthly Webinars allow access to seminars focused on the Perfect Employment™ process. These webinars offer you a supportive, dynamic environment in which to learn and grow into a better person and professional, all from own computer. Webinars are live presentations, via a virtual, person-to-person computer conferencing. You are welcome to write in during these hour long presentations and receive immediate feedback. These webinars are a must for: Assessing your primary and secondary skill sets, building your Perfect Employment™ scaffolding, refining your resume, defining your social networking presence and much, much more.

One-on-one Perfect Employment sessions

Individualized, One-on-One Perfect Employment™ Consultation
$100.00 per session or $75.00/session for 5 sessions

These individual consultations are the best way to access the Perfect Employment™ process. You will be given access to a highly qualified employment professional though a real-time software format to support a person-to-person computer conferencing. This format is extremely easy to use and will provide the basis for a very individualized approach to your Perfect Employment™ process. These consultations begin by establishing a safe and supportive method of identifying your goals, skills and experiences. There will be several activities built into the consultations and “homework” to insure that you get the most out of your time between meetings. Using a strengths based perspective you will be encouraged to grow beyond your current outlook and connected with resources to allow you to achieve your professional goals, what ever they might be.


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