Perfect Employment™: Premier Plan
  • Use the job search button to empower your employment opportunities. This basis level of interaction with employers allows you to become familiar with what is available to you in your geographic area.

  • Resources are available to you through the “resource tab” at the top right of the home page. The resource page lists a wide range of links to employment sites to fit your specific interests, goals, skills. Critical employment resources also include materials available to you through a number of different vendors listed on this page.

  • Membership via the e news-letter where trends in employment, updates on labor trends and key tips on finding the right job for you.

  • A copy of the book Perfect Employment: A guide book for future employment steps.

  • Access to webinars specifically designed to help you land your perfect job. The webinars are easily accessible from any computer anywhere in the world.
    • The webinars are monthly broadcasts directly to you
    • The webinars allow you to e mail questions regarding your specific employment search.
    • The webinars are focused on multiple aspects of the Perfect Employment process.
    • The webinars go beyond just the job search to include elements of resume building, interviewing, first impressions, time management and beyond.


  • Individual consultations for employment skill building, interviewing tips, virtual networking via live virtual face-to-face consultations.
    • Receive twelve individual sessions, an hour each to support your Perfect Employment Process.
    • Consider scheduling weekly sessions over the course of three months to maximize the benefit of this plan.

When you receive a job offer after purchasing the Premier Plan you can receive 20% of the cost back. Simply scan a copy of the offer letter and e mail it to and receive a refund of 20%. We are committed to your success.

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