There is always a story behind everything in life and is no different. As the founder of, I have found inspiration from the hundreds of individuals who have approached me in various capacities over the years as they search for meaningful, inspiring and dynamic income producing opportunities; in short they were looking for jobs. The past ten years of my life have been dedicated to the emotional needs and wellbeing of individuals as well as the emotional needs and wellbeing of organizations. My professional practice includes wearing two hats, one hat of licensed clinical social worker and another hat as researcher with a PhD in organizational systems. Within this context people frequently come to me seeking counsel and over the past ten years much of that counsel has centered on finding Perfect Employment™.

Perhaps it was fate, but what ever the case, I felt a strong need to help these people. In many ways I needed to support them as much as it seemed they needed the support. However, I did not to provide them with just one piece of the puzzle to employment, I wanted to provide them with ideas, tools and the opportunity to envision a whole new look to themselves in the world they live as they seek out new opportunities. reflects much of my learned lessons to help you find and refine your professional self.