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How Social Media Can Affect Your Job Application

If you think Facebook and Twitter are merely for fun and posting pictures, you better think twice. Believe it or not, gone are the days when social media sites are confined to things that don’t relate to the corporate world. Nowadays, social media plays a definite role to individuals seek job opportunities. In other words, your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profiles can be key factors for you to get the job you always wanted.

The Eurocom Worldwide, a marketing agency that specializes in high tech businesses, conducted a yearly market survey on the technology industry. Apparently, the results showed that one out of five of these executives based their decisions on a person’s social media profile. Statistically speaking, the research presents, 40% of the respondents, review an applicant’s contacts, pictures, comments and groups on social media sites. Hence, a person’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account can be a deciding element in terms of background information and job offers. This is where one has to govern his or her online personality actively.

For many industry executives, job aspirants with sanitized social media profiles have better chances of getting hired. Make it easier to be hired, simply monitor, update and professionalize your social media personality. Employers are looking for the right kind of employee they want for their companies. This is where they seem to jump into the social media bandwagon to distinguish the applicant and find the perfect fit. 

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